Seattle Whale Watching Tours

The Seattle area is the destination for those interested in observing orca whales (popularly known as killer whales) in the wild. The northwest coast of Washington state, including Puget Sound and the waters around the San Juan Islands, is home to a large population of resident orca whales. This orca population is the most studied group of orca whales on the planet, and as such the resident whales are very familiar and comfortable with humans.

From April through September the resident orca whales, which travel in three pods of 20-40 whales each, can be found in the Puget Sound and especially around the San Juan Islands hunting the enormous schools of salmon that come to the area each summer to spawn. During the winter months, the resident orcas will chase the salmon as they head back out to the open ocean.

Smaller pods of transient orca whales also pass through the area from time to time, attracted by the Seattle area's large population of marine mammals like seals and sea lions. The transient orcas are usually chased off by the resident orcas, however, and so are difficult to catch a glimpse of.

The Puget Sound and San Juan Islands are also a transient feeding ground for migrating gray whales and minke whales. Gray whales in particular are very curious of humans, and will often swim alongside whale watching cruise boats to "people watch."




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